Playhouse Basketball 

        6 TEAMS ONE FAMILY * Delano, CA * Las Vegas, NV * Phoenix, AZ * San Diego, CA * Vancouver, BC * Bakersfield, CA *    

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Today is a lucky day for Playhouse. We are beyond excited to announce our 6th Playhouse Basketball location. The bigger announcement is… Playhouse is going international. As of today, March 17, 2017 we are proud to welcome & establish our very first international team in Canada. Join me in welcoming, Playhouse Vancouver, British Columbia.   

Managing our Vancouver, BC family is Raymund Abrigo. He’s no stranger to the Playhouse family. He played for our Playhouse Phoenix team before he moved to Vancouver back in July of 2015. This is exciting news for our organization. We are blessed to have taken this opportunity. Team colors for Canada will be baby blue, black, white and gray.

Abrigo; the Playhouse family is a great organization. Being a part of the Playhouse family with Moises in Phoenix made me realize why I wanted to take that leap of faith and start one here in Vancouver. I am very excited for this opportunity and I look forward in building a great foundation in Canada.

Leeciel San Antonio
Playhouse Delano Manager

On behalf of Playhouse Delano I would like to welcome Vancouver, BC into our family. I look forward to what the future has in store for our family as it continues to get bigger. Someone once said “Strive for excellence not perfection.” Our Playhouse family does not put emphasis on trying to be perfect, instead we continue to STRIVE to excel all for the love of basketball.


Eldrin Aquino
Playhouse Las Vegas Manager

I'm extremely excited to welcome Vancouver to our Playhouse family. I never thought we would be able to expand across borders, but I look forward to seeing this branch's growth.


Moise Platon
Playhouse Phoenix Manager

Congratulations to Phoenix’s very own Ray Abrigo. He is one of those guys that will keep own going and will work hard for everything. I believe with his passion, Playhouse in Canada will go far... thanks Ray and keep up the good work.


Jeric Camia
Playhouse Oahu Manager

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. Continue on being a different animal AND the same beast! Welcome to the playhouse family!


EJ Borja
Playhouse San Diego Manager

Hello Playhouse Vancouver and welcome to the family! Playhouse is about building a family bond on and off the court. Our players are hardworking men that show discipline, respect for the game and respect for one other. We are glad to branch out our Playhouse team internationally to Canada! Again, welcome and I look forward to meeting you guys! 


Rolly Uclaray
General Manager for Playhouse Basketball

I remember being a kid when Playhouse first started. I was in 7th grade and the year was 1996. After graduating high school, I knew how much Playhouse meant to me and I had big dreams for us.21 years later who would have thought we would be expanding our family international. I am very excited for our newest addition to our family.


Ray, if you need anything please let me know. We are all in this together. I appreciate you taking on this roll in making a movement in Canada. I can’t wait to come out there and visit.   


To everyone that is a part of our Playhouse family and to everyone that has been supporting us throughout the years, THANK YOU SO MUCH in making Playhouse what we are today.  Dream big, work hard, be faithful, never give up, stay humble, always want more and anything is possible.


Special thank you to the leadership of Playhouse Basketball; Lamar, Byron, Leeciel, Jomar, Allen, Eldrin, Moise, Jeric and EJ.  I appreciate everything you do for Playhouse and know we are nothing without you guys. Keep up the great work.


2017 is looking great for our organization. January we just branched out to San Diego and today we are in Vancouver. I don’t know where we will be going next but what I do know is, Playhouse Basketball has a bright future and this is only the beginning.